Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year and grandkids story

Hello everyone, Happy New Year!
WOW, have I been busy. The holidays came so quick and went just as quick. PHEW. Its over now and we can go back to normal everyday stuff, LIKE STAMPING. YEAH. I have been busy searching for new ideas and have found a couple. I am going to do a couple classes, As soon as I get the dates I'll post them here for you. I have to check the hall to see available dates.
In the midst of all the searching for new stuff, I had my grandkids overnight on New years eve and was that fun. Scotty is now a big boy and is almost 4 and Kylie is Sisser(thats how he refers to her) and she is close to 9 months now. She is growing so fast. Anyway, Then I kept Scotty for the weekend and we did lots together. We had our movie dates(again thats what he calls them) So, on Thursday, we saw Madagascar Escape 2 Africa, that was so funny, Though I dont know what was funnier, the movie or him. He laughed so much. That night we watched some movies here at home and he was so fidgety that I said, My do you have ants in your pants Mister. He pulled out his pj pants and looked inside and then looked at me and said, NO GRAMMY, There's no ants in my pants. I had all I could do not to laugh. Then on Friday we went to play miniature golf and ate pizza. Again he was so much fun. He was such a sport. He played at the play place they have there too and got to the top of the tunnel slide and got scared and started screaming out GRAMMY HELP ME!!!!!!! I panicked, I was too big to go up there. LOL. So, this little boy offered him a hand and he slid down. He looked up with tear filled eyes and said, that wasn't so bad. LOL. Then he said, I'm ready for Pizza now Grammy so then we went to have pizza. He fell right to sleep in the car on the way back to my house and slept for 2 hours PHEW. I was tired too. So then on Saturday we went to see our last movie, BOLT. Oh did he laugh through this one, more so then the other one. By the way he was mimicking the actions you'd think he'd already seen it. When we left the movie he yelled out, GRAMMY I WANT THAT MOVIE FOR CHRISTMAS. Passers by were smiling and one said, I'm sure it will be out by then.
Anyway, thanks for listening I had to share all this excitement with someone.
I will be posting some of my pictures of projects soon. I have been busy since he left and have 2 projects almost complete, just need candy to fill them.
Oh and tomorrow the retiring accessories list will be out and I will post it or email it. Thanks for looking and Enjoy the YEAR 2009

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cmmartindale said...

OMG I could totally picture scotty in your story...every parent/grandparent's nightmare!!

You are an awesome grammie!!