Monday, February 2, 2009

Excitement is in the air

Look What I got in the Mail on Saturday. I didnt want to post everything all on the same day so I held on to these. I am very excited and can't wait now. These are my tickets and letter from Stampin Up for My Hawaii Incentive Trip. My niece is going with Slim & I and she is counting the days but she got so excited she miscalculated by 10 days and got me thinking it was closer. She said we had 39 days and we actually had 49 days but actually now its 45 That was 4 days ago.

I am also adding a picture of My daughter(Kayla)and I from my last Trip to Hawaii in 2007, That trip We paid for, It was Kayla's High School Graduation Gift along with $200 in spending money, she got spoiled. She was a little stinker for most of the trip but I love this picture of her and I. All In all it was a fun trip and I'm really excited to go back. Especially for free. Ok so I also added a photo of Slim, Kayla and I lounging after an awesome dinner and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant but It was awesome. Kayla is holding a Virgin Strawberrry Daquiri, She was loving that but can't wait until it doesnt have to be Virgin. LOL.
Thanks for looking.

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