Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finally some convention stuff

Hello everyone, Its been awhile but I want to try to start posting regularly. I am going to be doing blog candy within a few days so be sure to come back. Here are some photos from convention , the first photo is of my SAM, Becky and I. she will not be my SAM anymore because the program ended but if I reach exec. then I can get her back with a new program. She has been quite lovely to work with and I will miss her. Hugs Becky.

The next Photo is of My new helper with Stampin Up and his name is Rhett. I ran into him while on my VIP tour of the Stampin Up Facility
He and I have chatted once since then and I think he might be helpful to my business so I'm kind of looking forward to working with him. I am ready to earn FIJI. Thats our next trip to earn and this year its supposed to be easier to earn with the new program. We will soon find out.
The next photo is of the owner of the company, SHELLI GARDNER and I. Shelli came into the VIP room for us to have a photo opportunity with her. I had her sign my binder because I already had her sign my catalog when we got them on the cruise.
Now, speaking of the cruise, the next photo is of Amy and I, Amy is the corporate team member that I got to have dinner with on the cruise. She was quite fun and I was surprised to find out after our dinner that she was pregnant but I couldnt tell then, Now in this picture you can certainly tell.
I happened to turn around and she was standing right there so we were both surprised to see each other. So we took this photo op so that I could show slim how pregnant she is now. LOL
Next, is our fun photos with my new friend, Gail that I met on the cruise.
The others in the photos are my roommate and friend Sharon and Gails friends Christine and Anne. We have all become friends and it was quite fun to hang out with all of them. Convention was so much fun that we can't wait to do it again next year.
 Oh and we can't forget our waiter at Olive Garden. He was lots of fun.

Ok so thats all for now but be sure to come back and check things out more often. I will have some awesome swaps to post soon too. Thanks for coming to look.

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