Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    What an amazing year I've had, When I heard the trip this year to earn was to FIJI, I was so excited. THen they said, if you dont earn FIJI you can have at least Hilton Head. Well, I succeeded in earning Hilton Head and refuse to stop there, I am going for it. I am sooooo close to earning FIJI that I can almost taste it and its soooooo YUMMY tasting. LOL
    I have accomplished so many new things this year and I am amazed that will all that I have had going on in life, at home, at work and with my stamp business that I have succeeded in so much.
    SO, here is the deal......
  I am offering that anyone who orders $25 either online or from me starting today May 29th and repeatedly until June 30th will get to choose a free retired stamp set from my collection. Also, in addition, anyone to place a $50 order will go in for a drawing for $50 pick your own from me. I will give away 1 prize every week for the next 4 weeks and if you dont win in the first week, no worries, Your name will carry over every week until its done.
    I will be holding the first drawing on Wednesday June 6th and every wednesday there after until the 4th one. Actually the last one might be a little later cause its the final draw, I will wait until June 30th to draw that one.
Thank you all for your support in my business.

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