Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fiji Talk

Today I am going to share some Fiji stuff again. I am so in awe of everything that happened that I dont know what to post first.....
So, I will tell you that one exciting thing that happened is, Shelli (CEO and Co founder of the company) posted a photo of us on her blog, so, go check it out here.....

This is the fun I had playing on the beach
Ok so here are some more of the photos that I want to share with you. 
Me relaxing at the resort
with a delicious drink
I loved how they decorated it
I love writing in the sand

Love this decoration in the same
drink, Toblerone. The writing is
CHOCOLATE. Love it. 

So much fun. Slim didnt like trying to
catch the photo before the wave got it. 

This one the wave got to before he did. 

He got it just in time before the wave. 

Of Course I had to write my grandson 
and my granddaughter

Proof that I wrote them. LOL

I saved the best for last

This is for you customers.

the wave got this one


My favorite saying!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos. I enjoyed writing it all in the sand. It was such a fun vacation. I have more photos to share later of me being silly on the beach. Slim played along and took the photos. I love him, and I love you all. RUBBER HUGS. This was the most amazing vacation. Thank you.
Today I am going back to work after almost 2 weeks   :( 
Someday I wont have to do that anymore. :)

And now for the Challenge cards. I have received only 1 so far. Way to go for Trudy for putting in her card first.
Trudy's invite


Anonymous said...

WTG sis, you are the first to post our Challenge. You did an awesome job. Nice FIJI Pics Betty love ya's xoxoxo

jasgirl39 said...

That comment was from Annie I don't know why google put Anonymous I thought my Google Account was showing

Anonymous said...

thanks for hugging us all in the sand at Figi. Glad you had a good time. Have been busy so I haven't even started a card for this weeks challenge. gonna try to get at least one in. Betsy R