Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday's Event cards

Here are some of the guests from yesterday, Some were already gone by the time I remembered I had my camera but I took photo of who was left. Also our cards that we made as well. @ of them are not quite finished and I'll explain as we get to them.

Erika and Debbie
Sues mom and Sister Linda

Val and Faith

Lisa and Pat

Sue and her sister Valerie

Sue and I, She is one of my
first recruits
Like I said some of them left. Amanda, Trudy, Cindy M, Cindy G and Fay
We had a great crowd and lots of fun. 
Now for the cards........

This one had pink clay flowers
added to the two top flowers

This one had a greeting on it on this
side of the swing and goes with the
one with the snowflake to the left

This was a great event in St Albans and we will be having more. Come and join us next time. To be announced.
Rubber Hugs

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Anonymous said...

looks like you all had a blast. beautiful cards. Betsy R