Saturday, March 29, 2014

Box class success

Here are the results from the box class today. It was so much fun. Just wait till you see the next classes we have in store for you.
Katherine and baby boy in belly




Shirleys fininshed box. Love
how she turned over every other to
opposite side

close up of Shirleys box


Jens close up.

I had to make one for Kylie's
friend Claudia for her birthday
so this is Kylie holding the
box after I got home, She was so excited

Claudias finished box
close up

Kylie wanted me to take a close up of the top. She thought it was beautiful. 

Such a fun day. So glad that the ones that came enjoyed it.
Rubber Hugs


Debbie Flattum said...

These are beautiful. Great gift idea, too. Will you be sharing a tutorial?

Anonymous said...

had a lot of fun and getting ready to make 2 more today. Thanks Betty and Gail. Betsy R

Unknown said...

They were all beautiful.I can't wait to make one.Love ya xoxoxoxo

gail m said...

you are so welcome im glad everyone loved them

Betty Button said...

Debbie, I do not have a tutorial but its out there somewhere. We found it somewhere online. It uses the matchbox die which is now discontinued