Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cruise Time

Good morning everyone.
Well, I'm off. This is it. Sorry but I didnt have a chance to make anything and take photos to share here. However, I did make my swap for the cruise, that I thought I'd Share with you on my first day out.
This is a Betty Creation (with the help of Val and Gwen)since they have to be our own idea.
I hope you like it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in helping me earn this trip. Slim and I have had an awful week previous to leaving and we NEED this vacation. I just hope that I can take his mind of things enough so that he enjoys his vacation. Keep us in your prayers that he gets good news when we return.
Have a wonderful 2 weeks. 
Rubber Hugs
Betty and Slim


Val & Fitz said...

Have a GREAT trip .... Wish Bill & I were going with you..... Everything will be FINE with you guys..... Bring back lots of ideas.... The internet does no justice to this card thats for sure....See you on Mothers Day !!!!!!!!

Val said...

See we miaa you so can't even type right here lol .. What I meant to say was Val & Bill Fitz ......HAVING STAMPIN WITHDRAWLS ALREADY