Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is a squashbook and there may be a video added later on to show you how to fold. I have done these at some of my previous workshops but this group hadn't done this so they wanted to do it they took photos and a video. If I can get kym on to post it then I will put the video on it. I'm a little camera shy though so theres not alot to it. What you need to start this project is 3 6x6 pcs of cardstock (2 of 1 color and 1 of another color), 2 pcs of designer paper cut to 4x4 and 2 pcs of cardboard cut at 3 x 3. Fold the 6x6's in half and open turn, fold again in half then you should have 4 3x3 squares on each sheet. Then you open it and fold in half once diagonally so the points meet. That fold will give you the 2 folds that are triangle photos above. You might be able to tell by the picture how to glue them together but if not, maybe I'll make a new video or photos from start to finish. This will make a great christmas gift and is very inexpensive to make. Hope you enjoyed this project.
Thanks for looking.

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Kym said...

Oh, LOVED this project. Hey, great boobie shot in one of the photo's, LOL!