Monday, January 7, 2013

Updates on my dad and an Amazing Bird Card

Here is the latest on my dad. I went to see him Sunday afternoon and he responded to me, was trying to talk but of course with the tube in, couldn't talk so I called the nurse, His nurse is fabulous, She said that this was the most he has responded since he came in there, You must have a special bond with him. :) I started crying and told her, yes, I took care of my dad for 12 years before he went to my brothers and I miss him. She was amazed that he responded so well to me. She said she feels my pain though because she lost her dad not long ago and oh my, I started sobbing. I felt so bad for her too.
Please hug your parents as often as you can and tell them you love them, its difficult to see them in this state and even more difficult when they are gone. I still after 3 years miss my mom like it was yesterday

Anyway, on to Another beautiful card created by Gayle at Michelle Zindorfs class. This one also has the reflection technique and its just beautiful don't you think.

I wish I knew all of the details that are in this card. I will be working on Gayle to come and teach this class or at least teach me so that I can do it. I have wanted to do these type of cards and will learn soon.
Rubber Hugs
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Laurie said...

OMG...she is amazing.....I hope your dad is on the mend...:)

gail said...

I am glad that your Dad has responded to you. A bond with your Dad is special.
That's td is amazing; the reflective technique would be great to learn.
Your Dad is in my prayers.
Hugs, Gail P

LED said...

Love it! Nice reflection :)