Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm back

Hello everyone.
     I am going to do this again. Maybe not everyday yet but subscribe to my blog so that you receive an email and when I post you will know it.
    I stopped blogging daily because only 6 or 7 were viewing my posts daily. I went daily for awhile and at first I was getting lots of visits and then it died down. SO, I must have been doing something wrong in my posts.

What I want to hear from everyone is what do you want to see?
What will make you come back for more?
I know, Giveaways keep you coming back but other than that when I dont post a giveaway traffic is a lull.
I can't do a giveaway every day, Though I wish I could but Just cant.
I am not video savvy so I can't post video's. I wish I could. Maybe someday I will give it a try. I have been tempted but haven't yet.

So, leave me a comment and tell me what I can do to keep you coming back.
That's what I need to hear to help me be able to improve

This is all about what you want so leave me a comment.
Rubber Hugs


Laurie said...

Maybe a Stampin up YouTube highlighting some new product. Maybe after you have a party, highlight the party with some pictures of the group working on their card or project and the final finished cards. Make it more personal.

Laurie said...

How about highlight one of your downline as a guest stamper and one of their cards

gail m said...

anything I love reading your blog I love what ever you put on it

Anonymous said...

Sorry Betty its not you when I get on my computer I have been really focusing on my schooling I don't mean to neglect your Blog.I do love what you put on your blog. Love ya xoxoxo
Love Annie

Anonymous said...

New techniques or showcase ways to use new products.