Wednesday, July 23, 2014

more convention photos

Here is a photo of the Shelli Booth background. This is where everyone went to have a meet and greet with Shelli. You could also go there after to have some taken alone. The whole background is made of Big Paper Flowers. Its just so amazing what you can do with Paper. 

We also took a tour of the home office while we were in Utah and here are some of the great photos from there. Its just so much fun.

Inside the home office
its beautiful

 These were some silly girls that I was hanging out with. It was so much fun though.
Thanks again to Mindy, Valerie and Betsy for coming along.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of me thanks a lot. LOL Betsy

Betty Button said...

You are very welcome Betsy. It was all in fun and you were enjoying yourself. LOL
Love ya