Sunday, July 21, 2013

I am home today

Today I am coming home. Phew. I was beginning to run out of ideas.
So, this will be my last pre-post but its a good one.
here are some cards I made and I'll tell you all about them as they post.

I am really loving this
This was a card I made for Gayle
She was at convention with me
I brought it to her even though
her birthday was before convention.
This card was for my party before
leaving for convention and I messed
up, I was not thinking and I cut all
the pieces before creating my
card and then realized I cut the
squares too big but it still is kind of cute.

This card I made first using this
technique. I am doing this card at my
July parties so if you are attending the ones
this coming weekend. This is
one we are making. WOOHOO. 

Thanks for stopping by all while I was away. I will be posting convention stuff as soon as I get home so that you can see everything.
Rubber Hugs


Anonymous said...

great cards. looking forward to all you have to show and tell from convention. welcome Home. Betsy R

Anonymous said...

You have had alot of awesome cards. I really want to learn that technique that looks like a sunburst. Can you show us at the downline meeting? Can't wait to hear about convention!!!

Mindy B.