Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christmas card from my Christmas class today.

Here is one of the cards for todays Christmas Card Class. This card uses the new bow maker. I love that die. Its easy to use and creates a beautiful bow for any card or for your packaging needs. 

I would also like to share that Samson, Our Parrot, Got to come out and play yesterday. The kids are gone for the weekend and we let him out to play. He always gets to get a shower when he comes out to play. Slim takes him in the shower and he flaps his wings while slim sprays him down. 

We always know when he is ready to shower because he will ask for a shower. That means he's ready to go back in his cage. This bird is like one of the family in this house. 
Thanks for stopping by today and for letting me share Samson with you.
Rubber Hugs. 


Anonymous said...

Cute picture of Samson, he's such a good bird. Luv luv luv that card and the now is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sorry BOW not now

Anonymous said...

Very Cute Bird and love the bow maker Sarah A

Betty Button said...

Thanks Ladies, I love the bird and the bow as well. The bow die is great. HUGS