Friday, March 13, 2009

3 easy pay plan

Hello everyone. Ok so now I'm counting down the days to leave for Hawaii. We have 8 days left. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait. I'm so excited to be going on my very first Stampin UP incentive trip. ALL EXPENSES PAID. WOW.
Anyway, I just logged onto my website and found that Stampin Up has announced the 3 easy pay plan to join now. IF you are at all interested and would like to do this, Email me right away. It can't wait until I get back from Hawaii if you want to take advantage of the kit sale. We do have to mail the kit form in instead of doing it online SO, the kit is 169.00 plus tax now through March 31st and you can make payments, one payment per month. Depending on where you live and what your taxes are is how you figure the payment. I am looking for new recruits all the time so why not join me now when there is such a great offer. Plus you get an additional free stamp set on top of it. Email me right away if you are interested.
Good night for now. Keep watching I have some great stuff for while I'm off in Hawaii so keep checking in.

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