Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello everyone, We had a great time at the class on Sunday. I have set the next class date for April 26th at 1:00 I will email out the details for that class later on. With Hawaii coming up and all I can't squeeze one in until April and the hall only had 2 dates available that I had open so thats where we are at.
I have something new to share. My grandkids and I went to have our photo done in a Grammy and Me session. It was so much fun. Scotty said in one that this was the Stuart Little pose for him. That is the one with him standing by the 4. just so you know which one he was talking about. It was cute. Kylie was a hoot as well. They wanted me to put her on the black cloth and as soon as I put her down She started crawling away, but they got her picture.
Anyway, Enjoy. I have some photos of projects coming soon, At least once more before I leave for Hawaii.
Thanks for looking. Oh and dont forget to sign up on the blog candy post a couple post's ago.

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Kealey said...

The kids are simply gorgeous, what fun. Sometimes, I wish my kids were still younger to have fun photo shoots. :)