Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stampin Up gifts

Day 1 we got 2 gifts in one because we were late getting there, Mine came on Monday instead of Sunday. It was a great surprise, 2 Non alcoholic Lava flow drinks(I had plenty of Alcohol ones later on too)(LOL) and these two drink holders were full of beads and flowers to take home.
Then for my first spin of the prize wheel, I won a grab bag which had the ribbon in it.
I came back to the room from posting on my blog and there was our bags, His and hers bags for Slim and I.
This was actually on our first day though so we had day 1 and day 2 gifts on the same day. Slim was gone to get our Rental car so Ashley(my niece) and I found the bags when we got back. I ordered up room service and had Chicken noodle soup that cost 12.00 for a bowl. LOL. It was good and I needed it but WOW. Expensive. It made me feel better to eat it but it hurt to pay for it. LOL. Ok so Day 2 for me was another gift which is my 3rd gift and my second spin for my spin I won a package of Clips
and For my gift back at the room was a gift that was wrapped in leaves and it was a goodie bag full of snacks.
Another treat was our Make n Take Basket, What a cute way to get them. I can't show you the stamp set because it will be a new release in our new upcoming catalog and I am not allowed to show you

Plus our Shirts that we purchased upon registering for our trip. Slim and I bought the Hawaiin Shirts which we picked up on day 2 for us as well.
Day 3 I spun the prize wheel again and got Horray Hardware and a magnet. We also had Share night which we got more gifts...A Package of Clips, Package of Designer paper and a rub on that says Stampin' Up Island Girl on it.

Later on there was my next gift....A Red Sarong to wear or use as a tablecloth.
Day 4 and final spin day was Summer Sun Corduroy Buttons. Then we had our Luau which was fabulous and upon returning to our room was a gorgeous Aloha Necklace for me. How exciting it all was.

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cmmartindale said...

awwww gotta love the gifts showered on you, what girl doesn't???