Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home From Hawaii

Hello everyone,
Well, Our trip home was much better than the trip there but it felt longer home then it did there because we wanted to stay there. LOL. Who wouldn't? The trip was incredible.
I was sick on the way there (Puking Sick, probably flu), and then I hurt my foot on the ATV trip but it was worth it and I hobbled around the whole week after hurting it. Then I caught a cold on the ATV trip too but we still kept going. We swam in the manmade beach and watched the dolphins and still did the parasailing. It was incredible. I will have plenty of pictures to share later. I was so tired getting in that I unpacked, took some medicine and went to bed, slept 12 hours and now I'm still a little wiped out but I'm HOME. My dad and my cat both greeted us at home. They missed us.
Upon arrival, Slim, Ashley and I were greeted by Shellie Gardner(Co-Founder of Stampin Up) as soon as we got off our shuttle. She walked over and greeted us with a hug and that was the best part of the whole trip there. She was so sweet to have taken the time out to greet us knowing that we had already missed the first day of events there. She was on her way to lunch but stopped to greet us and we thought that was so great of her.
Anyway, I have to go get me some caffeine and I'll be back later to post some awesome pictures.
Thank you all for Helping me to earn this fabulous trip. I am on pace for earning the Cruise and this would be my first Cruise Ever so I'd love to earn it, but if I dont then I'm thankful for earning Hawaii.
Until Next time.....ALOHA!!!!!!

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