Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here are the 6x6 pages that I made for my share with our group. This was to build a scrapbook of our vacation

Sunday, March 29, 2009

ATV RIDE see post below this one for gifts

Tuesday We had a sceduled ATV ride, We got covered in mud but, Slim and Ashley got it worse because they were behind me and I was playing Super Mario. LOL. It was so much fun. It was raining so we had to wear rain ponchos but for what they were worth, We still got Drenched. LOL. Oh what fun it was though. We rode up to some waterfalls, oh my how beautiful that was.

Stampin Up gifts

Day 1 we got 2 gifts in one because we were late getting there, Mine came on Monday instead of Sunday. It was a great surprise, 2 Non alcoholic Lava flow drinks(I had plenty of Alcohol ones later on too)(LOL) and these two drink holders were full of beads and flowers to take home.
Then for my first spin of the prize wheel, I won a grab bag which had the ribbon in it.
I came back to the room from posting on my blog and there was our bags, His and hers bags for Slim and I.
This was actually on our first day though so we had day 1 and day 2 gifts on the same day. Slim was gone to get our Rental car so Ashley(my niece) and I found the bags when we got back. I ordered up room service and had Chicken noodle soup that cost 12.00 for a bowl. LOL. It was good and I needed it but WOW. Expensive. It made me feel better to eat it but it hurt to pay for it. LOL. Ok so Day 2 for me was another gift which is my 3rd gift and my second spin for my spin I won a package of Clips
and For my gift back at the room was a gift that was wrapped in leaves and it was a goodie bag full of snacks.
Another treat was our Make n Take Basket, What a cute way to get them. I can't show you the stamp set because it will be a new release in our new upcoming catalog and I am not allowed to show you

Plus our Shirts that we purchased upon registering for our trip. Slim and I bought the Hawaiin Shirts which we picked up on day 2 for us as well.
Day 3 I spun the prize wheel again and got Horray Hardware and a magnet. We also had Share night which we got more gifts...A Package of Clips, Package of Designer paper and a rub on that says Stampin' Up Island Girl on it.

Later on there was my next gift....A Red Sarong to wear or use as a tablecloth.
Day 4 and final spin day was Summer Sun Corduroy Buttons. Then we had our Luau which was fabulous and upon returning to our room was a gorgeous Aloha Necklace for me. How exciting it all was.

Home From Hawaii

Hello everyone,
Well, Our trip home was much better than the trip there but it felt longer home then it did there because we wanted to stay there. LOL. Who wouldn't? The trip was incredible.
I was sick on the way there (Puking Sick, probably flu), and then I hurt my foot on the ATV trip but it was worth it and I hobbled around the whole week after hurting it. Then I caught a cold on the ATV trip too but we still kept going. We swam in the manmade beach and watched the dolphins and still did the parasailing. It was incredible. I will have plenty of pictures to share later. I was so tired getting in that I unpacked, took some medicine and went to bed, slept 12 hours and now I'm still a little wiped out but I'm HOME. My dad and my cat both greeted us at home. They missed us.
Upon arrival, Slim, Ashley and I were greeted by Shellie Gardner(Co-Founder of Stampin Up) as soon as we got off our shuttle. She walked over and greeted us with a hug and that was the best part of the whole trip there. She was so sweet to have taken the time out to greet us knowing that we had already missed the first day of events there. She was on her way to lunch but stopped to greet us and we thought that was so great of her.
Anyway, I have to go get me some caffeine and I'll be back later to post some awesome pictures.
Thank you all for Helping me to earn this fabulous trip. I am on pace for earning the Cruise and this would be my first Cruise Ever so I'd love to earn it, but if I dont then I'm thankful for earning Hawaii.
Until Next time.....ALOHA!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay but we had complications getting to Hawaii and this is my first chance to log on to the internet to post. We are having fun now that we are here and I'm over being sick, UGH. It was a horrible airline experience but anyway, on to the reason for this post......THE SPECIAL YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.....

For everyone that goes onto my stampin up website http://www.bettybutton.stampinup.net/ and places an order online of any size will be entered to win these items....The items are the 3x3 designer paper key ring and a package of pencils that say stampin up, a stamp set Botanical blooms, a sticky note pad holder and a pack of delicate dots designer paper.
Also, keep in mind that this is the last week of sale a bration and you get a free select stamp set or paper or ribbon that is in the flyer for free as well. plus anyone that orders over $25.00 will get $5.00 off the next class they attend between now and june 30th 2009.
I am going to finish up and post this because Slim went to rent us a car so we can get to our atv trip tomorrow and he should be back any minute and we are going to dinner finally at 730 pm Hawaii time. I'll log on when I get home to see who ordered and then post again to let you know who wins. the drawing will close on March 31st. I'll be back before that but I'm extending it since I'm late in posting. If you can't place the order online, email me your order and that counts the same too. Thanks for all you do for me, If it were not for all of you, I wouldnt be here in Hawaii enjoying a fabulous vacation in paradise.
Thanks to all of you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

3 easy pay plan

Hello everyone. Ok so now I'm counting down the days to leave for Hawaii. We have 8 days left. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait. I'm so excited to be going on my very first Stampin UP incentive trip. ALL EXPENSES PAID. WOW.
Anyway, I just logged onto my website and found that Stampin Up has announced the 3 easy pay plan to join now. IF you are at all interested and would like to do this, Email me right away. It can't wait until I get back from Hawaii if you want to take advantage of the kit sale. We do have to mail the kit form in instead of doing it online SO, the kit is 169.00 plus tax now through March 31st and you can make payments, one payment per month. Depending on where you live and what your taxes are is how you figure the payment. I am looking for new recruits all the time so why not join me now when there is such a great offer. Plus you get an additional free stamp set on top of it. Email me right away if you are interested.
Good night for now. Keep watching I have some great stuff for while I'm off in Hawaii so keep checking in.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello Everyone,
Check out the goodies I got in the mail via FED EX on Friday, WOW, This being my first incentive trip I was shocked. I cant wait to get there now to see what else I might get or win. They really do treat you like royalty when you earn something with Stampin Up'. If anyone wants to join me and try to earn a trip as well just email me and I'll talk you through it. Plus what better time when the kit is on sale for $169.00 plus you get a free bonus stamp set as well.
Stay tuned, I now have a laptop that I'm bringing to Hawaii to post my prizes when I'm there. We get to spin a prize wheel everyday. I am so excited I can't wait. I can't believe in 13 days I'll be in HAWAII.
I want to get this posted so I'm gonna say good night now. post a comment and tell me what you think of my goodies.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Candy Winner

Hello all. I hope you all had a great week. I have done the random drawing. However, We had one person that Could not post for some reason so it got emailed me from Google with Date and time Check the comment section for details and you'll see. So anyway, the random number generator did its thing for me and this is the result......Drumroll please........

True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 2

Your Winner is Keals and she wrote: Betty,I'm sooo happy to have found you as a Stampn' Up connection through your Father. Thank you for keeping me updated. I would love to attend your workshop in March. I am trying to get a friend to come along also.I love this site, thank you for always posting such great ideas and thoughts. Kealey
February 22, 2009 3:52 PM

SO, now Kealey, its up to you to email me before Monday evening to claim your prize and then I'll send it to you. If she doesnt claim her prize by then I'll post another winner. Thanks for playing. Watch again soon. I got some extra stuff and I thought I'd do something for while I'm in Hawaii.
We'll see if I actually have time to post it.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello everyone, We had a great time at the class on Sunday. I have set the next class date for April 26th at 1:00 I will email out the details for that class later on. With Hawaii coming up and all I can't squeeze one in until April and the hall only had 2 dates available that I had open so thats where we are at.
I have something new to share. My grandkids and I went to have our photo done in a Grammy and Me session. It was so much fun. Scotty said in one that this was the Stuart Little pose for him. That is the one with him standing by the 4. just so you know which one he was talking about. It was cute. Kylie was a hoot as well. They wanted me to put her on the black cloth and as soon as I put her down She started crawling away, but they got her picture.
Anyway, Enjoy. I have some photos of projects coming soon, At least once more before I leave for Hawaii.
Thanks for looking. Oh and dont forget to sign up on the blog candy post a couple post's ago.