Sunday, August 29, 2010

convention stuff

I know this is a little late but here is a photo of my goodies from convention, THe reason I'm just now posting it is that the tote in the photo will be a great award offer coming soon. Email me for more information. The tote has a laptop bag in it(the laptop is not an upcoming award, just the tote) , just in case you are wondering what is in there. Then there is a photo of Gwen, Shelli and I

Next is my swaps for convention, The Hawaiin one is my own creation and the friends are flowers that never fade one is my own creation. The other two, Gwen designed, I changed the because I care but I kept the other one the way she designed it. I also had some 3-D swaps but those I didnt get a photo of before they were gone. Maybe I can get Kealey to make me some more so I can post that too. Over all though, we had a great time. The ride home was not fun.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

For All You Do Event

An upcoming event. Please join me at Hinesburg United Church on Sunday August 22nd to put together this box and 4 cards for only $15.00. Remember there is an optional raffle to help pay for the hall and the usual grand prize drawing. If you want the full details please send me an email and I'll send you a copy of the event invite that I just emailed out to my guests. Thanks in advance.
Class was designed by memystampsandI and I purchased the tutorial from her.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello again everyone

Hi again, I'm back from convention, Had lots of issues at convention and wasnt able to post. Computer issues. Its ok though, I still had lots of fun and have lots to share. I also, shipped everything home so I didnt have to lug it and I just got it and paw'd through it. I will be posting pics soon. I have been busy since I got back from Hampton which immediately followed convention. Convention I can never say enough about, This is the event which revives me for the year and pumps me up with ideas, and knowledge. I love it. My downline Kealey was not able to come with me :-( and I do not like to travel alone, SO My downline Gwen came in Kealey's place. WE had so much fun. Next time I hope we can all go. I think we would definitely have a blast with the 3 of us, or even more of my downline too.
Anyway, I was recognized on stage for 3 things, $20,000 in Sales for the year, CRUISE to Alaska Earned and Leadership. It was nice. The make n take helper thing went well. The ride home however was not so nice, I was SICK. During convention I felt a little under the weather but on the plane was the worst. Nothing like being sick on a plane, EMBARRASING moments that I wont talk about. LOL.
I survived though and felt better by the time we headed to HAMPTON BEACH for a much needed break from home for Slim and I. We relaxed and had fun. I read a full book and a half of another.
Stay tuned for photos from convention and more on stuff that I plan to do on here as well.
Thanks everyone once again for another great Year. Looking forward to doing more Card Buffets and Build a Bear workshops with the help of my downline and maybe even a few other events to come.