Sunday, August 29, 2010

convention stuff

I know this is a little late but here is a photo of my goodies from convention, THe reason I'm just now posting it is that the tote in the photo will be a great award offer coming soon. Email me for more information. The tote has a laptop bag in it(the laptop is not an upcoming award, just the tote) , just in case you are wondering what is in there. Then there is a photo of Gwen, Shelli and I

Next is my swaps for convention, The Hawaiin one is my own creation and the friends are flowers that never fade one is my own creation. The other two, Gwen designed, I changed the because I care but I kept the other one the way she designed it. I also had some 3-D swaps but those I didnt get a photo of before they were gone. Maybe I can get Kealey to make me some more so I can post that too. Over all though, we had a great time. The ride home was not fun.

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Diva In Disguise said...

LOVE the cards!! And SO cool the pic of you with Shelli!! :D I'd love to hear about your Stampin Up adventures sometime, Betty!