Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello again everyone

Hi again, I'm back from convention, Had lots of issues at convention and wasnt able to post. Computer issues. Its ok though, I still had lots of fun and have lots to share. I also, shipped everything home so I didnt have to lug it and I just got it and paw'd through it. I will be posting pics soon. I have been busy since I got back from Hampton which immediately followed convention. Convention I can never say enough about, This is the event which revives me for the year and pumps me up with ideas, and knowledge. I love it. My downline Kealey was not able to come with me :-( and I do not like to travel alone, SO My downline Gwen came in Kealey's place. WE had so much fun. Next time I hope we can all go. I think we would definitely have a blast with the 3 of us, or even more of my downline too.
Anyway, I was recognized on stage for 3 things, $20,000 in Sales for the year, CRUISE to Alaska Earned and Leadership. It was nice. The make n take helper thing went well. The ride home however was not so nice, I was SICK. During convention I felt a little under the weather but on the plane was the worst. Nothing like being sick on a plane, EMBARRASING moments that I wont talk about. LOL.
I survived though and felt better by the time we headed to HAMPTON BEACH for a much needed break from home for Slim and I. We relaxed and had fun. I read a full book and a half of another.
Stay tuned for photos from convention and more on stuff that I plan to do on here as well.
Thanks everyone once again for another great Year. Looking forward to doing more Card Buffets and Build a Bear workshops with the help of my downline and maybe even a few other events to come.

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