Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. I have been extremely busy with getting all things finished and ready. Finally its almost here and soon I'll be back to business again. I am hoping to post more often, I know I can't keep you as an audience if I dont post regularly. Time will slow down enough for me to post more often right after the holidays.
Remember we have the Wreath class coming up and then I have leadership so those are exciting posts that we are going to share, then I will be starting other classes, events and clubs all over again.
Have a wonderful Holiday season and I'll be back in a few days to chat more.
Stay safe.

P.S. I almost forgot that on the 24th I will be drawing the next Simply Scored Winner and we will see who the winner is then, I will come back to post that so be sure to come and see if its you......