Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home office shares

Here are some more displays from the home office. I love the idea of the cubbies. 

They definitely have some talent there. Thanks for stopping by today. Leave me a comment and let me know what else you want to see
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

showcases from Home office in Utah

During convention I visited the home office and here are a couple of the displays that were out. I have a lot more but this will keep you coming back. These two showcases were just really nice so I wanted to share them right away. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
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Monday, July 29, 2013

challenged downline

So, today I'm sharing some convention photos that I challenged my downline to do. I sent them an email with a list of different things to find and photograph while preparing for convention and while at convention. I think this made it a little more fun for them. These are a few of the photos they gathered. 
a photo of our team crossing stage

a photo of your upline, this
photo would be 2 of her upline.

a photo of you with a staff member. This is
Nicki with Scott. He's the Finance Guy

Not sure if this was on the list but its
ever so cute. I'm sure she took this one
for her kids.

A photo of your goodies from

This one had to be about the convention
theme props. 
So, A big thanks to Nicki and Beth for playing along.
They both said that they had fun participating so I guess it was a good
thing to challenge them. They both got a $25 pick your own from me for
doing a great job.
Thanks for stopping by today
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I did not have any participants in the Mastering Monday challenge so I dont think I will be doing that for a bit. I'm sure summer has everyone busy. We will see I guess I'm going to have to do something to get everyone's attention again. :(

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Convention friends and upline plus a display

Here are some of the photos we got with my convention friends. We call our group East Meets West because we are just a group that met and are not associated by uplines or sidelines but are friends. That is one of the nice things about convention, you make new friends. 

 This next photo is my upline, Christina Crawford. She is a hoot and extremely nice.

This is one of the projects that was on display at convention at the display boards. 
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A new card shared by Laurie

Here is a card shared by one of my customers and friends. She used Secret Garden Stamp set and framelits and Honeycomb embossing folder.

Thanks Laurie for sharing

My Paper Pumpkin

Hello everyone. I forgot to mention to you that Stampin' Up! is giving new sign ups for paper pumpkin a discount. If you are interested go to this link
and sign up for the discount by Using the promotion code PUMPKINDEAL
 For the first 2 months you will get my paper pumkin kits delivered directly to your door for only $10 If you dont want it after the 2 months you will need to go in and cancel your subscription so make sure when signing up you remember your password.  You must sign up by August 31 to get the discount.

They are trying to generate some new sign ups and we get a special prize if we each get one sign up.
I got a free May KIT at convention and for my first person to sign up, you will get that kit.
Thanks for stopping by today.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

A card I created and a swap card from convention

Here is a card that I created for my In color club members. I put a card using one of the in colors in their bag every month and this is the one they get this month. Wait till you see the one I used for Next month.
This one uses the baked brown sugar and I love it. I left it blank for them to put their own verse on it.

This next card is one of the cards I got by swapping at convention. I love this card. 

Thanks for stopping by
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Prize Patrol and display boards

Prize Patrol is always lots of fun and the crowd roars. This is Nicki and Sandie after winning their prizes. 

 This is Beth when she won. She was so excited that she won. Congrats to everyone. I won too but I didnt get my own picture, someone else did.

And for my favorite cards to make, here is a display board of some christmas Cards. Love the display boards because it gives us a ton of ideas. If you click on the photo you will see them better. 
Thanks for stopping by. I will be stamping tonight so I will have some cards of my own to post.
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P.S. Let me know you are stopping by, leave me a comment. I dont know if you are there if I dont hear from you. I am hoping that all this time I spend writing my posts is not a waste of time. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

convention photos.

Hello Everyone. I am in search of a new recruit by August 15th. Anyone signing up will get to pick a free project kit. There are a couple of choices to choose from. Also I am offering anyone that signs up and promotes(which is to sell your first $1000) and you will be entered into a free drawing. If you want more details, just email or call me. If you want to join me in what I do, you pick out $125 in product of your choice and pay only $99 plus tax. No shipping charges apply. 
Here are some photos at the Riverton Campus. This is the Stampin' Up! home office. 

 This is in the center of the room and the sign was at the door as you walk in. Its a beautiful building and I love to visit.
This is a photo of me and three of my downline that came to convention with me. We had lots of fun. 
This next photo is of me and Sharon in the recognition room. THey had a special room for anyone who achieved a milestone and we got to go and make a sign and have a photo. Here are 2 of our photos. We also got to create a postcard for each of our achievements and hang it in the hall on a board. I had several this year. 

 The signs are hard to read but my sign said 10 years strong. I love Stampin' Up! and the one we did together said We Heart Stampin' Up!
I had my downline meeting last night and I think it was one of the best meetings I have ever hosted. I was pumped and full of information for my team. I love my team. I will post the swaps as soon as I get a chance to take photos of them. 
Thanks for stopping by today. More tomorrow.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Convention photos

This is me the first night at the Making a difference booth. This booth, we made birthday kits for the children at the hospitals. They called this a service project. You could opt into doing this and since I didnt do the one on the FIJI trip I decided to do this one. For Fiji I needed to relax and enjoy but for Convention I made up for it. It was fun to put these together. Thank You Stampin' Up! for supplying the products for this amazing gift. 

This is My downline Sandie Maynard. She came on this trip along with Nicki and Beth. Sandie and I took the tour of the Riverton Campus. Sandie is making her green mountain Heart. It was fun. 

This is Sandie and I after receiving our all attendee giveaway. I love when they do these. 

This is another new product coming out. For more details just send me an email or check out my website. 

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for more............Later today or tomorrow morning.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Back with another post for today.

SO, in all the excitement, I forgot to share with you this years Trip that I am earning.....
The Grand Vacation is HAWAII.
The Getaway Trip is Washington D.C.
Of course I want to go to Hawaii. Since this is mine and Slim's dream place to live, of course I want to go there. We can only earn one of the above trips we don't get both and that is ok because I have my sights on Hawaii. Let's see if I can pull this off.
Thanks again for stopping by and

I'm back and Mastering Monday Challenge

Hello everyone. I am home and had such a good time. I have lots to share but for today. Here are some announcements. First off, I DID NOT make Founders Circle. I was close but didn't make it.
It's all good though, It will just remain on my bucket list until I do make it.

So, I was close but here is what I needed. I need recruits. SO, this year I am looking for people that want to sign up and sell with me. I need to get them now so that they can sell $1000 by June 30th.
Anyone interested in helping me out. Please let me know ASAP, because Stampin' Up! has an offer now too........
I will have full information with me if you want to find out more just give me a call or see me at any of my upcoming parties or events. 

Today is Mastering Monday and someone sent me a mastering monday card while I was away from last week but I didnt get to post it because I was away. WHen I find that, I'll post it and let you see it. 

Ok so here is this weeks challenge.....................A Wedding Card. 
This one that I found uses non Stampin' Up! Product but I want you to use only Stampin' Up! product. 
It doesnt have to use the heart punch but just a wedding card. At least two layers and use an embossing folder and some ribbon and a verse. 
Thanks for stopping by today. I have more news and announcements for you so stay tuned........
Rubber HUGS
Love you all. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I am home today

Today I am coming home. Phew. I was beginning to run out of ideas.
So, this will be my last pre-post but its a good one.
here are some cards I made and I'll tell you all about them as they post.

I am really loving this
This was a card I made for Gayle
She was at convention with me
I brought it to her even though
her birthday was before convention.
This card was for my party before
leaving for convention and I messed
up, I was not thinking and I cut all
the pieces before creating my
card and then realized I cut the
squares too big but it still is kind of cute.

This card I made first using this
technique. I am doing this card at my
July parties so if you are attending the ones
this coming weekend. This is
one we are making. WOOHOO. 

Thanks for stopping by all while I was away. I will be posting convention stuff as soon as I get home so that you can see everything.
Rubber Hugs

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My sister's Birthday is today and more of my swaps

Today is my sisters birthday. Happy Birthday Marie. I only have 1 sister and 7 brothers so we both had it rough. Also we are 8 years apart so we had boys on both sides of us. UGH. LOL.
Anyway, Here is the rest of my swaps that I did.
This one Gwen made and I made 25 of them.

I made 25 of these with Valerie's
Help. She came over one Sunday
and helped me do these. Thanks
I had lots of help with this one
My niece, My sister and Slim
all had a hand in these.
This was a time consuming card
I cut for 2 hours and only did 35
of them.

We made 100 of these, My friends
Debbie and Cathy helped me with
them. Hugs to them both

Friday, July 19, 2013

Swaps that made it

So, these are my swaps......By now I have already swapped most of them out. Hoping to come home with some great new ideas and be fully refreshed for another great year. For this swap today, I have to give all the credit to Gail Macdougal. She saw the tutorial on splitcoast and created this and made them all for me. Its a heavy card but oh my its gorgeous. I will make one when I return so that you can all see it first hand. Once I show you, This will be one of our challenges in the future. So get ready. Here are several shots of this card, I wanted to capture all so you could really see.

Add caption
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Side view

Front view

sideway view

Gail made me 25 of these and they took up 2 baggies. BUT I should get some wow cards in return.

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I will share the next swap.
Today I will find out who made Founders Circle this year, Founders Circle is the Top 100 demonstrators. I would love to have made it but I dont really think I did good enough. Some of them sell 4 times what I sell in a year and its just incredible. Can't wait to see who the top 10 are.

Thanks for stopping by.
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