Tuesday, July 16, 2013

convention tomorrow morning

Hello everyone. I am heading out tomorrow morning and I have not even got the photos ready to post. UGH. I have to get crap done today. Having the grand kids here has slowed me down but not to worry, Things will pick up after convention. Getting swaps made was important too and I did succeed in getting a few done. So, I will have some ideas when I get back.

Stampin' Up! has decided to stop sale on the magnetic platform for now, They are expecting shipment of a few in August but as of Thursday you wont be able to order the platform until they turn it back on. SO, if you haven't already ordered it and want to, Email me today. I'm placing an order tonight and then I will be gone but you can go to my website to order it tomorrow, Thursday morning it will be turned off until further notice. The demand for them has exceeded their expectation and the supplier cannot keep up.

Anyway here is a photo for today.......

Here are two of the cards from the Bombs away Card class to go. These were our own creations. I had fun with this set. If you want to get the stamp set, it is still available for sale. Hope to see more participation in the class to go.
Love how we made records for the wall of fame on that one card to the left. LOL.
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Anonymous said...

Have fun at convention and bring home lots of Ideas. Betsy R