Friday, July 19, 2013

Swaps that made it

So, these are my swaps......By now I have already swapped most of them out. Hoping to come home with some great new ideas and be fully refreshed for another great year. For this swap today, I have to give all the credit to Gail Macdougal. She saw the tutorial on splitcoast and created this and made them all for me. Its a heavy card but oh my its gorgeous. I will make one when I return so that you can all see it first hand. Once I show you, This will be one of our challenges in the future. So get ready. Here are several shots of this card, I wanted to capture all so you could really see.

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Side view

Front view

sideway view

Gail made me 25 of these and they took up 2 baggies. BUT I should get some wow cards in return.

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I will share the next swap.
Today I will find out who made Founders Circle this year, Founders Circle is the Top 100 demonstrators. I would love to have made it but I dont really think I did good enough. Some of them sell 4 times what I sell in a year and its just incredible. Can't wait to see who the top 10 are.

Thanks for stopping by.
Rubber Hugs


Anonymous said...

gorgeous card Gail. Hope you made the top 100 Betty.
Betsy R

gail m said...

your so welcome I had fun making these for you