Monday, July 29, 2013

challenged downline

So, today I'm sharing some convention photos that I challenged my downline to do. I sent them an email with a list of different things to find and photograph while preparing for convention and while at convention. I think this made it a little more fun for them. These are a few of the photos they gathered. 
a photo of our team crossing stage

a photo of your upline, this
photo would be 2 of her upline.

a photo of you with a staff member. This is
Nicki with Scott. He's the Finance Guy

Not sure if this was on the list but its
ever so cute. I'm sure she took this one
for her kids.

A photo of your goodies from

This one had to be about the convention
theme props. 
So, A big thanks to Nicki and Beth for playing along.
They both said that they had fun participating so I guess it was a good
thing to challenge them. They both got a $25 pick your own from me for
doing a great job.
Thanks for stopping by today
Rubber Hugs

I did not have any participants in the Mastering Monday challenge so I dont think I will be doing that for a bit. I'm sure summer has everyone busy. We will see I guess I'm going to have to do something to get everyone's attention again. :(

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics to share and I am glad u had a great time mixing with ur "other" family. miss u xoxo