Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Special for the month and Blog candy Winner!!!

Hello everyone, The blog candy has ended and the winners are #5 and #3.
Those are Nicki and Anonymous(which was Marcie as you can see in post #7)
5 was drawn first so Nicki you get first pick then Marcie you'll get the other one. Ladies, Please send me an email so that I know that you know. Thanks to everyone for playing.

NOW, here is my newest offer for a challenge.....
For November I am going to offer MY DIGITAL STUDIO for free to one lucky person.
I am offering this as a drawing for anyone placing a $50 order. For each $50 your name will go in once. Email me your order and order as often as you wish. Good luck to everyone. Remember I said I was going to try something new. This is it. Every month I am going to offer something new. I love my digital studio so this is my offer for November, so that you will love it too.
Online orders are accepted as well so feel free to go to my website . SU sends me an email when you order.
Thanks for playing.
Blog candy again coming soon. Maybe somewhere around Christmas or before. Who knows. Keep coming back to see.
Good night all.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blog Candy

Hello again, I know its been awhile but it is worth the wait. Because I made you wait so long, I am giving away 2 prizes. Plus I am going to start something new that I have seen on other blogs for purchases and this week I will post that as well. So, here is the blog candy for now......
Snow Buddies Stamp set and The More the Merrier. I am giving 2 separate prizes so there will be 2 winners. The first one drawn will choose which set they want and the second one drawn will get the other set. SO, here's what you have to a comment on this post and you will be entered. If you have trouble posting let me know and I'll help. You have to post to be eligible. I will do the random draw on October 31st at 8 pm. All posts up until that point will be accepted.
Thanks for your patience and your time. Come back again, I'm going to start posting cards and projects and maybe even projects for sale very soon. Have fun. Both images can be enlarged by clicking on them......

Someone left an anonymous comment, You have to leave your name or I dont know who it is. Please repost and leave me your name. Thanks

Monday, October 19, 2009

The reason for my absence is justifiable......

Hello everyone, I know I was going to post a blog candy but so much has happened. I apologize for not doing that sooner. I am hoping to get things back to normal this week and post that as promised. I am very sad to say that I have been very busy with the loss of my Dear Mother. Mom and I were very close as she was with our whole family. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.
MOM had a major stroke on Friday October 9th. I was on my way to a party when I got the call. I turned around and went back to get Slim and he drove me to the St Albans Hospital where she was in serious condition. The stroke took out her left side this time, This was her second stroke (The first one was her right side 3 years ago). She was not able to speak this time and I was extremely scared, I started to run away from her bed, crying when the nurse stopped me, Mom wanted me, I went back to her side, I said, I love you my mommy(this was something I always said to her and she returned with I love you my baby and my daughter and I do the same thing), after I said that, she couldnt say it all but she did get the words I love you out. Then my sister and her exchanged I love you's too. Those were pretty much the last words she said. My sister and I are the only 2 girls out of 9 kids. For us these I LOVE YOU'S were special.
Because she lost her speech and swallowing abilities she did not want to be intubated and had an advanced directive saying so, therefore there was nothing more for anyone to do. Her heart was racing and her breathing was uncontrolled.
She passed away on October 14th...
Anyway, I felt I should come on finally and explain just in case some of you readers didnt hear through the grapevine or by my emails. Mom is Resting In Peace now and is fulfilling her final dream now of doing her final destiny of being one of Gods Angels. Mom loved angels and I'm absolutely sure that she is up there amongst all the other angels and will be accepted with open arms. Mom was loved by all that knew her. She had a filled room for her last week in the hospital and at the wake and funeral. Not too many dry eyes in the house. Below I am attaching a photo of me, my Son Scott, daughter Kayla and my mom, Also One of my mom and dad together. Mom still had her natural color hair at age 78, she had bits of gray but not much. Thanks for all your patience and God be with all of you and your families. I LOVE MY MOMMY.........