Sunday, October 5, 2008

Card Organizer Class

Hello again, We set the date for Our Card organizer class today and thought I'd post it early so as to get the word out right away in hopes for better attendance. This class will cost $20.00 for 1 or $30.00 for 2 card organizers. If you are interested email me right away so I can have the supplies needed for you. Gwen and I will be doing this class, we will be adding in a special book for attendees its a mini book similar to the card organizer. I don't have a photo of the mini book yet but as soon as its finished, I'll post it for you. If you are interested in the organizer but can't make it to the class, I will also sell them already pre-made for $25.00 for 1 and $35.00 for 2. Email me for either attending or for buying the book or books. The class will be Sunday November 2nd @ 1:00 at Hinesburg United Church. Some of you have already signed up for this class but please even if you have already signed up, let me know for sure if you can make the date that I scheduled. When emailing me you will also need to decide if you want the Bella Rose designer paper or the Urban Garden Designer Designer paper for your book. Thank you. Have a great evening.

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