Thursday, December 6, 2012

A photo and a birthday today.

This picture was made by one of my customers(Gail Macdougal). I asked her to help me design a card for another customer(Debbie Kellogg) who loves m&m's. So she came up with this, not a card but she did post something on the back. I saw a post somewhere else about m&m's and thought of this so I went searching to find it just so I could post it. This was made out of  Stampin up punches.If you want the punches she used I'll have to ask Gail.
Maybe if Gail comes on to see this, she can post it in the comment section.
Hope you like our photo today

I also have something else to share today. 28 years ago today, My handsome boy was born, I went to the doctors on the morning of the 5th and was told that I was in labor, HMMM Didnt even know it. So, he sent me to the hospital to get checked in because I was going to be having my baby. I did not know what I was having but I did suspect it was a boy. I was sick for my whole pregnancy so his father called him baby Ralph. LOL.
Anyway, that day while I was in labor it started snowing, My sister was supposed to be with us for our baby's birth, about midnight her husband called her and told her she had to come  home, it was snowing up a storm, We got dumped on. It snowed for the whole next day.
Anyway, Jimmy(my sons father) was now very nervous because he had to do this alone now, but he stayed with me.  Finally after 36 hours of Labor, my son was born via c-section and 9 pounds 1/2 ounce and 21 inches long. He was too big for me to deliver. Anyway, just wanted to share that today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Scott Allen Ellsworth, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.
Thanks for Stopping By.

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gail m said...

the m&m's are made with the circle punch (i want to say 1 3/8 in), large oval punch,small oval punch (to punch in the middle of the large oval),5 pedal punch (to make the shoes)and the eyes are made from small circles one in the color of the m&m (cut in half) and two in white i think that was it but i dont remember if i think of any more i will post