Friday, April 18, 2014

customer appreciation

Started planning for my customer appreciation event and ordered my bags early and OH MY GOSH. I love them and cannot wait to share them with you all.
I am still working on the details but as soon as I know more I will post it here and send an email.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter.
I am planning a ham dinner here with the kids and relaxing time.

Rubber hugs


Valerie Fitz said...

Love to see your posts on stampin stuff. I look forward to seing them

V Fitz said...

Can't wait to see the new bag !!!!!
I would like to learn how to do more on doing reflections on cards

gail m said...

hope you have a happy easter

Anonymous said...

When is this event ? Sarah A

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea when it might be? I missed it last year and don't want to miss it this year. Hugs, Gail p

Gail Ponto said...

Hope you had a great Easter. I did. Lynne, Brian and Miss Isabella were here. Do you know when the event of customer appreciation would be?

Betty Button said...

I am trying to book a hall for the last Saturday in June. I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I know more.