Saturday, October 1, 2011

World Card Making Day Card Buffet

Today was our card buffet at the Hinesburg School it was so fun. I hope all that came enjoyed it. These were the cards we made. Come join us next time. We have one on Oct. 9th at Friendlys at 12:30 and again on Oct. 23rd at Friendlys at noon. Friendlys is the one by Costco.
Anyway, here are the photos.......Remember, These cards are all cased from someone else but I save so many cards from other sources that I dont remember who they belong to, If anyone knows who I would love to give them the credit. Thanks for looking. If I make one myself I will be sure to tell you so, otherwise, they are someone else's creation. Copying is mostly all I have time for. They have mostly been tweaked to our liking but its the thought that its someone else's creation that matters to them.

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