Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simply Scored Monthly Drawing

HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN FREE GOODIES again,  I am going to give away one of our new products called Simply Scored every month until Christmas, I want to get this in peoples hands so I am giving away one in October, November and December. First month I will draw for is Sept. 25- Oct. 24 orders. Anyone placing an order of $25.00 you name will go in for the drawing. Thats one chance for every $25 you order starting today. The second one will be from Oct. 25-Nov 24 and the last one will be from Nov. 25 -Dec. 24. The drawings will be held on the 25th of every month. Email me with your orders or go online to order directly from my website.
Send me an email after placing your online order so that I can get your name in the drawing. Just in case its close to the end of month and I'm ready to draw. You dont want to miss out. I will post the winners name on here so be sure to come back to see who wins.
Thanks for stopping by.

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