Friday, September 2, 2011

upcoming idea

Today I want to talk about an upcoming project that we have coming up. We are going to do something similar to a class to go, We started working on the cards last night and they are coming out great so far. I am very excited and can't wait to share this idea with you. Keep coming back to see what we are doing. I do have some cards that I'm also working on to post that are going to be the cards for the christmas card buffet on Sept. 11th. I will post a couple of them before the event and the rest afterwards. Have a great day and I hope you all have a great Holiday weekend. Also, be on the lookout for an email, My birthday is coming and I always do a my birthday special and more blog candy too.

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cmmartindale said...

Hi Betty,

Awesome you are offering more blog candy....since last Sunday afternoon our area has been devastated, I can say after pitching in I am ready for some fun. LOVE LOVE LOVE your & Sharlene's cards from your card buffet...they are beautiful, wish I could have been there!!! Keep up the good work I can't wait to be able to ENJOY again.

~Christine :)