Monday, June 22, 2009

Just look at these adorable babies

Here is the latest photos taken today of my grandkids. Scotty is 4 and Kylie is 1. Grampy Slim and I bought them the matching purple outfits when we were in Hawaii. I told them that I wanted them to have their next pictures done in them. Scotty said All Right Grammy.
While we were looking at the photos he says, Grammy can I come home with you tonight. It broke my heart to say no, not today. Wednesday though, I'm coming to get you and we are going to see the movie UP and then on Thursday we are going strawberry picking. He said. All Right Grammy. I LOVE THAT BOY. I love them both, dont get me wrong but he is MY BOY.


Judy said...

I did not realize the kids were getting so big. They are very cute. Would like to meet them some day.


cmmartindale said...

LOL......wait until they get how much you are wrapped around their adorable litte fingers....too cute!

Betty Button said...

I think Scotty already knows how much he can get from me. He's such a Grammys boy. Can't wait for Kylie to get bigger and she can take what she can get too. LOL