Friday, June 26, 2009

Long Day

Hello everyone, Just wanted to stop in to tell you all that it is official, I have officially earned the cruise. All the orders are in and I'm on the ship. Phew. Well, not till April but at least I'm in. I'm very excited. I owe it all to all of you, My customers. Thank you so much for your help in earning this cruise. I'll tell you, It isn't easy. Its very hard to keep up and succeed at this. Working a full time job and selling Stampin Up and preparing for all those workshops and forgetting things now and then, Its hard to keep it going. Life is crazy when you are a business person. I dont know how Shelli Gardner does it. Anyway, Today was the day that I got the status page on the final earning of the cruise. Then my SAM (Service Account Manager) at Stampin Up, created this cute little video with all of the other SAM's there. It was so cute, I'll see if I can share it with you. Not sure if thats ok or not.
I had a long day today and a long week. Wednesday I took Scotty over night, we went to the movies and then strawberry picking on Thursday, and then last night I stayed up late keying my orders and then today I had to take my Baby Girl(19 years old), Kayla in for Surgery. She had to have all four wisdom teeth out and it was a long day and a rough day for both of us. We laughed and cried together. It was tiring. Then I had a scrapbooking party afterwards and I of course thought about her all the time. Anyway, its over and her teeth are gone and now she should be ok in a few days. They said about 4 days before things are normal for her again.
Thanks again for all your help in earning the cruise. I truly appreciate it.
Have a good weekend everyone. I'm taking Saturday off and we are going strawberry picking and make Strawberry Jam. HMM, Maybe I'll make a gift holder for the jam. HMM Good idea.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Betty,
So glad it's official that you've earned the cruise. Happy that the surgery went well, tooth business is yucky. Have a great weekend and try to relax. LOVE the idea of a jam tag, holder or whatever you come up with.

cmmartindale said...

Whoo Hoo Betty!!!!

I appreciate all your hard work :) your cards and projects are fun...

You go gurl!!!!

Sam said...

Congratulations again Betty! :)

Sam (Your SAM)