Sunday, February 17, 2013

beautiful earrings

Here are some earrings that my downline and friend, Gwen Landis made using the build a brads from Stampin' Up! Gwen wore them today to our trip for a massage and shopping at target in New York. We had fun except that I left home and forgot my purse so Gwen had to loan me some money till we got home.  UGH I hate when I do that. Its all because I'm not feeling well and I was groggy when I got up and left with coffee in hand. Then all day she kept making smarty pants comments about this might be in my purse or that could go in my purse if I had it. LOL. thanks Gwen for a fun time.
Anyway, here are the earrings. I dont know if you can see them all that well but they are really beautiful.
Thanks to Gwen for Sharing
Here is the link where she found the idea.
Hope you like them
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Jen Lesage said...

What a neat idea. This could be a class. I might have to try making these.

Anonymous said...

those r cute love u sis xoxo