Wednesday, February 20, 2013

yet another re make of leadership swaps

So here is another re make and another of our choices for our card buffet. I think we have them all set now, Although I think one of mine I need to switch, I think I like another one instead. Come and join us Saturday, it will be fun.
Here it is.

The one on the left is the leadership swap and the one on the right is the re make. I love that we did 2 butterflies and that we didnt use the chocolate. What do you think? they are both awesome.

Thanks for stopping by again.
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Jen Lesage said...

Like this card. What is the technique that you used?

gail m said...

love it

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards!

Anonymous said...

Both were good but the re-make has my choice the best love u sis xoxoxoxo

Betty Button said...

No technique just markering.