Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Leadership swaps remake

Today I wanted to do a little remaking of some leadership swaps that I got, I tweaked them but not much. I will show you the original and who it was made by and mine for each one.

 The one to the left is made by Jacqueline Cameron. My twist on the right. Both are good, I just wanted to play.

 For this pair, the one on the left is made by Sheila Barthel and mine is on the right. What you can't see on this one is the speckling that is done using markers and the art tool (color Spritzer)

For this pair the one on the left is made by
Diana  Gibbs and then Mine on the right.

I hope you like the cards tonight.

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Jen Lesage said...

I really like these they are very pretty. I really like the one in middle that you made. How did you do this? :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have the color spritzer tool? I will be making this card at my next card buffet on Feb. 23rd

Jen Lesage said...

I do not have the color spritzer tool and do not think that I have ever used one. Hmmm.