Saturday, March 16, 2013

creative convention online cards

Blog candy will have to be later today because I didnt have time to do it yet but come back soon. There will be lots of prizes and a deadline for signing up.

I'm still working on the creative convention online cards that I did. Ronda Wade and Maggie Patterson did this online convention and I bought in, but I still have not finished the cards. Here are some more that I finished(Actually, here is what I've finished so far. There are a total of I think 16 or 18 projects. I love them all and am glad that I bought it.

 The one on the left you can't really see the cloud embossing folder. but the one on the right, I love how the banner is separated but doesnt look it. The green is tucked behind the green piece and the blue is on top of the piece. Love the button too on both.

This one was super easy but I love it.

 This is why I bought the swallowtail, for this class and now I love it. I wasnt going to buy it at all.
I love this one using the flowers too. Love the color combination

My favorite part about this one is the Flower trim. 

 From here down is a mini scrapbook. Perfect for photos of my leadership photos that I have. Or of my grandkids. Even better.


Jen Lesage said...

What a neat class. Do you have to be a demonstrator to buy into something like this?

Betty Button said...

Jen, Yes I participated in her online convention. She does this for those that love convention and can't get enough. It was fun and she is doing another one in June, I will be participating in that one too. I also am going to try to pull together a class of her projects once I get them all made.

Anonymous said...

these are very nice sis I love the mini scrapbook the best. love u xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the 3rd card the most as well! MG

Laurie said...

All very nice cards....It's nice to see the different styles from everyone

Deepika said...

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Unknown said...

Nice one

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