Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello everyone I have some more cards to share. In going through some of my photos on my computer I am finding some things that I have not posted so I thought I'd start doing that. So here are a couple cards using butterflies and I love them. 

I dont know what it is but there is something about butterflies. I love them and they are so easy to create with.
Thanks for stopping by


Jen Lesage said...

I love these cards. The one with the postage stamp punch is especially cute. Keep them coming.

gail m said...

love the butterfly cards keep them comming butterflies mean a lot to me they are the sybmol of loss of baby and miscarriage awareness and the ribbon is half pink and half blue so keep them butterfly cards comming

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these cards. Thank you for sharing sis love u xoxoxox.

Anonymous said...

Butterflies are the best!!!

Mindy Brown

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly cards. I am glad you postedore cards with them. I really like all the ideas you have given me and they will be easy. Having a great time in Maine with Isabella and Lynne. Hugs, Gail P

Anonymous said...

I too have been doing a lot of butterfly cards lately. they are fun and you can be so creative with them I love all the butterfly cards Betsy R