Thursday, March 7, 2013

Retired Stamps for Sale

Here is my retired stamp sale list, I finally got them out and took pictures so I could post them, This is your last chance to get any of them, I will be posting them on Ebay next. If I have to mail them to you, you will pay shipping and handling. I think I can mail most of them for $3.95 but not sure. Remember all sales are final and are no longer available for purchase from Stampin' Up! so first come first serve as well. 
The First one is called A Beautiful Thing. This one will sell for $6.00 

This one is Simple shapes and will go for $7.00 as well. Loved this one too. 

This is called Fresh Fillers and will go for $5.00 

This is called suitable for framing. This one one of my first purchases awhile back. This will go for $7.00

This one is also another favorite called simply said and will go for $7.00 

 This one is Mini Messages and was ever so popular back in the day. It is a cute set to use. I will let this go for $6.00
This one is Elementary Elegance and this will go for $6.00 

This one is polka dot punches and will go for $5.00 

This one was another one that was great to use. Reverse prints and will sell for $5.00  

This one is called a little something and was quite popular too. This will go for $6.00 
This one is called short and sweet, I only used the words and the others are not even mounted and will go for $6.00 

Smorgasborders was very popular and I think was also one of my first sets owned. This one will go for $6.00 

This set was used in quite a few of my cards in the past, memory of the heart. I made my mom a mothers day card with it back when I first joined. This will go for $6.00 

This is Flower Fancy a 2 step stamping set and alot of fun to use, this one will go for $9.00 

This one was very well used and very popular this is Heartfelt thanks, I used it often and was sad when they retired it. This will go for $9.00 

This one is Petal Pizazz and was also popular. This set will go for $9.00 

This one is On your birthday, another one that I was sad to see go but I will sell for $9.00 

This is another background stamp and I used it quite alot. This one will go for $5.00 
This one is Gifted and will go for $6.00 

This one is Travel log and will go for $7.00

This one is Fresh vinage and this one will go for $3.00 or  free to the first 2 people that buy and say they want this I have 2 of them and it was a sale a bration set so I might as well give it away. 

(Both of the free ones are gone but I do think I have a wood set too, if someone wants that for $3
Totally Tess is going for $6.00 

Awash with Flowers will go for $10, its a 2 step stamping set and has many great stamps with it. 

Good Neighbor will go for $4.00 

Apple Blossoms was a hostess set and I will let it go for $9.00 
Occasional Quotes was also a hostess set and I'll let that go for $9.00 as well 

Thanks for stopping by today. All Sales will be final in this sale. Thank you.


Laurie said...

Ok, I'll take the fresh Vintage and I'm still looking

Laurie said...

And the the clear gifted

Laurie said...

Amd Northern Lights, Little Angel and Hodgepodge Happines....That's it I'm done....:)

Betty Button said...

Ok Laurie, I have them written down I'll tally you up and bring them tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

I'll take the Occasional Quotes for $9

Thanks Lois

Unknown said...

I'll take the occasional quotes. Laurie said that she wants the Northern Lights but I'd like the Northern Hearts are they the same?

Unknown said...

I'll do After thoughts as well!


Betty Button said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Betty Button said...

Yes Laurie got Northern Hearts. :)

Anonymous said...

you are doing very well. You do a great job. Wish I could do more. someday. Betsy R