Thursday, May 23, 2013

Challenge cards

I have received some challenge cards and here they are but I wanted to tell you that I told them they didn't have to use the top note because they didn't own it so here are there cards. Feel free to use framelits as well
Thanks for playing along
Ann's (she loves purple can you tell)

Trudy's Peacock 
 The Peacock one I am not sure if it was really for the challenge or if she was sharing it with me but I love it so I just had to share it. Thanks Trudy and Ann for sharing cards with me today. Ann's card is definitely for the challenge and I love it.

Rubber Hugs
Thanks for stopping by

Oh and I have one more thing to share.....

Its a photo of a work in progress coming in the mail to you upon completion and you will soon get one in the mail. If you do not receive one in the mail let me know and I'll get you one. I am celebrating 10 years with Stampin' Up! on May 30th and this is one of the ways I wish to show my appreciation for your support over the years. ALL OF YOU, whether you just joined me or have been with me for the whole 10 years. You are all amazing friends. RUBBER HUGS. Love you all


jasgirl39 said...

Ty Betty I love you too.I have been doing Stampin Up for 3 years now and I love it.I want to thank my baby sister Lynnie and Betty for getting me into Stampin up. Love you both very much. xoxoxoxo

jasgirl39 said...

Oh yeah, My sister Trudy's card is so adorable. Just want to say you did an awesome job sis.And yes I love my purple lol.

starlady said...

good moring sis . cant wait to c u on may 26 at 1. I thank u all for be my sisters and my best friends. I injoy doing stamp n up. great job sis way to go .yes our siter loves purple i love u all have a great day GOD BLESS U ALL