Friday, May 10, 2013

Fiji other prizes

Here are the general session gifts, pool party gifts and bean bag toss giveaway gifts. Plus a gift from my upline Christina Crawford and the pool prize patrol gifts. I think slim has photos of me getting those too. Oops I forgot some of the pool patrol photos but you get the idea anyway. 
Christina Crawford, My upline
Gave me this as a gift. Its a
bag for our wet clothes

Ring Toss game that we played everyday
to win prizes. I got every one in on the first
shot until the last chance. 
General sessions all attendee
Spouse/guest gift.
Every guest that was there
got this 2 pack set
A stamp night survival kit
this was one of the 2 things
slim got as his gift
details below as to what was inside
Dude you're welcome kit
given to Slim at General Session
The contents spread out so you can see better. 
The contents of the survival
kit. Of course he ate the candy
bar right away. LOL 

My General Session all attendee
giveaway prize that was for the achievers
The in color DSP. WOOHOO. 
Bean bag game prize a new t shirt. 

also bean bag toss game prizes 
More bean bag game prizes. Every day
we got something new. 
The final night Dinner table gifts
Slim and I got these wooden necklaces
at our place setting along with a
good bye note. 

Now, remember all of the Bean bag toss items, Well times that by 2 or 3 because I also got the same things as pool prize patrol gifts as well. I got a 2nd shirt, more buttons, brads, rhinestones, doilies, oh and some of the kraft boxes that are sold in the catalog as well with some ribbon too.
Plus some DSP that I forgot to take a picture of. I think slim took some pictures of me walking back from chasing the prize patrol guy down. LOL.

Thanks for stopping by and Rubber Hugs to all
Have a wonderful and Blessed day.
My Swap card using Oh Whale and the
Pinwheel die. I am going to miss all of these things. 


jasgirl39 said...

Those are some nice gifts Betty.Nice pics also.Love ya xoxoxo

Gwen Landis said...

Great gifts! Looks like lots of fun!