Monday, May 6, 2013

Fiji Trip

Good morning Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful nights sleep. FIJI was absolutely amazing but one of the perks that you all hear me talk about is PILLOW GIFTS. I got my photos downloaded and posted some other photos on facebook but for those that do not go to facebook, here are the pillow gifts.
I have plenty of card ideas, I will be posting them as I do the remake thing again like before.
So, here are some FIJI photos and our Mastering Challenge as well.

Pillow Gift Day 1 part 1

Pillow gift day 1 part 2

Pillow Gift day 2 part 1 

Pillow gift Day 2 part 2

Pillow gift day 3 part 1

Pillow gift day 3 part 2(Slim's Gift)

Pillow Gift day 3 part 3 ( My gift)

Pillow Gift day 4 part 1

 I can't share this part 2 item with you because its new catalog product and we are not supposed to share those with you until the catalog goes live, So, just think of stamps, paper and accessories. All New Product. Thats what was in this box.
Pillow Gift day 5 part 1
Pillow Gift day 5 part 2

This was an amazing trip and even though I love getting pillow gifts, the trip would totally be enough but oh my how they spoil us.

And now for the mastering challenge. I will post last weeks challenge makers later today. I was so busy unpacking and checking emails that I didnt get to that today. BUT I PROMISE, Your hard work will not go un-noticed.

So, here is this weeks challenge. I would like to see you create some kind of an invitation.

Corrected invite outside

inside of invite. 
Ok so I did an oopsie and grabbed the wrong photo. This is the invite. Use ribbon brads or clips and dsp and card stock. Simple and easy.

Thanks for stopping today. I know this was a long post but its worth it when you have a ton to talk about.

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Anonymous said...

keep it coming Betty we all Love it. Not sure about the challenge this week but I'll work on it. Betsy R