Saturday, June 29, 2013

challenge cards

Here are the cards that I was supposed to post yesterday from the challenge. Sorry I was soooooo busy getting ready for the event that I forgot to post.
Ann Williams

Great job ladies. You are my heros, playing along and participating.

Well, here we are, Today is the day, A major celebration. Today is my customer appreciation event and my celebration event of 10 years strong. I love my job!!!!!!!!!!!
A lot has happened over 10 years, I didn't quite make it through all of the stuff to put in the auction but I do have a big chunk and oh my the memories as we were fumbling through all of the stuff that I have collected.
From my first card I ever made all the way up to today. What a difference. The colors that have retired and the new colors, Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see you all today. Hope you can still make it. My grand daughter played one of the two games and she was awesome. Lets Have fun today!!!
See you soon
Rubber hugs

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Anonymous said...

I like both of these cards. Great Job Ladies Betsy R