Friday, June 21, 2013

Shoe box swaps again

Here is another shoebox swap from my meeting the other day. I love shoebox swaps because I actually get to make them and not just swap. Its more fun that way.

Again though there is no name on them because I made them but the designer for this one I am just not 100% sure but I think it was Shanti. 
We went to the last regional together with a few others and Shanti drove for us, it was nice and she is lots of fun. We played a road game where you had to find the next letter in the alphabet. LOL. 
Anyway, hope you like the card. It was using the new in colors and the mosaic madness bundle. 
Rubber Hugs
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Anonymous said...

computer has been down would have loved to do the challenge. catching up on the computer and trying not to get bored. Betsy R

jasgirl39 said...

Nice Card Betty Thanks for sharing.Love ya xoxoxoxo