Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last weeks challenge card and 2 for this week

Hello everyone, I had one of my best challengers send me her card for last week's challenge on Friday last week and I missed it. Apparently I overlooked her message with her card. So, here is Betsy's challenge and what I mean by best challenger is that she has participated I believe every single week. If not all then most of them. So, here is her card........
I think she deserves a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE because I had not gotten any last week and she sent one and I missed it. :( I will be sure not to let that happen again.

And now for this weeks challenge cards, I have a new player here and her name is Shania and she has only stamped with me once and for her to have only stamped once she did a pretty good job. Thanks Shania for playing along.
Also I got a card from Ann  so here they are............
Ann's Card

Shania's card

Thank you to everyone for playing along. Also a big thanks to everyone that has replied to the appreciation event I already have 22 rsvp's. WOOHOO. We are gonna have a blast.
One thing for sure I can tell you is we are making a color chart. Wouldnt you like to see all of the colors stamped and cardstock on one page, well, I have done it every year either at convention or at my upline meeting and its so nice to work with. especially when trying to match up colors. So, if you have not replied, remember you get tickets based on when you reply.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Rubber Hugs


jasgirl39 said...

We had a blast making these cards. I had alot of fun making a card with shania. she did a very nice job. I like ur card too Betsy. Luv ya Betty xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Betty for posting it. Now to get one done for this week. by the way I have only missed 1 week. Thank you jasgirl39.Betsy R