Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Challenge cards and convention photo

Here are two more for the Mastering Monday challenge. I love how they both changed it up. 

Mindy Brown did this one and I love
that she turned the card so
it was going in a different direction.
Marcie Wright did this one.
I also loved how she did 3 pieces
of Banner instead of one big one

Great job ladies. Thanks for sharing your ideas for our challenge. Please leave a comment for our participants.
Thanks for playing along.

Does anyone want to see what its like to attend convention.
Here is a photo of all of us walking in the hall to get from point A to point B. Sometimes it moves slow and others it moves rather quickly. There were apparently 5800 demonstrators there this time. I think that is the most there has been since I've been going. The sign up above is our convention theme for this year. BE THE DIFFERENCE

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Rubber Hugs


Laurie said...

convention looks like blast, thanks for sharing

Gwen Landis said...

I think I see you in the crowd! or not... :-)

Betty Button said...

Laurie it is a blast. I love to go. Gwen, I bet I am in there somewhere, So, Kind of like a where's waldo photo, its where's Betty. LOL