Thursday, January 3, 2013

BEAUTIFUL! Michelle Zindorf brayering class card.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card.

This is a card that Gayle did in one of Michelle Zindorf's classes. I asked her to come and do a class up here but she isnt traveling to do them anymore but she is one awesome teacher. I am hoping to talk Gayle into doing a class with us up here in Vermont. Cross your fingers that she does.
Originally I was supposed to go to this class but I ended up booking a party for one of the days. UGH
I think this would be a fun class. Leave me a post if you'd be interested in attending a class to learn how to brayer.
Thanks for stopping by.
Rubber Hugs


Laurie said...

I would definitely be in for a brayering class. This card is beautiful

Unknown said...

I would definitely be interested in a brayer class!

gail m said...

love this card i would love to know how to make it

Gail P. said...

This card is absolutely beautiful. It would be a fun class.